A New Experiment List and Search Interface

Ben Hsu, Dan Anderson, and Ivy Zhou
Augmented ML Workflow, Modeling Best Practices

We are excited to announce improvements to our experiment list and search functionality in the Experiment Insights dashboard. These changes make it easier for you to access relevant information and search through your optimization experiments.

There are four key features in this round of improvements:

  • List View of Experiments
  • Filters
  • Bulk Actions
  • Search Results

List View of Experiments

Experiments are now displayed in a list format (replacing the old tile format) on the page showing a user’s experiments. The list view fits more experiments in the same amount of space, allowing users to scan through to find experiments of interest. It also displays more relevant information, like the number of Pareto-efficient parameter configurations found for Multimetric experiments.


Users can now easily filter through their list of experiments. They can switch between “Mine” and “Team” to view experiments created by themselves or their teammates. The “Archived” and “Development” toggles allow users to view experiments they have archived and development experiments used during integration testing.

Bulk Actions

One point of feedback that we received from our users was the desire to more effectively organize large numbers of past experiments. They told us that the process of manually archiving each experiment was slow and frustrating. To that end, users can now perform bulk actions on multiple experiments.

Search Results

The search bar on the experiments page is the fastest way to find a specific experiment by name. The search matches results by experiment name and name of the user who created it. We have added a search results page that displays all the experiments that match a search query.

We hope that these new features can make the SigOpt Experiment Insights dashboard a more helpful component of your modeling workflow. At SigOpt, we are constantly thinking about how we can amplify and accelerate the impact of modelers everywhere. If you have comments or questions, please reach out to our customer success team.

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Ben Hsu
Ben Hsu Product Manager
Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson Software Engineer
Ivy Zhou Software Engineer Intern