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Ben Hsu
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At SigOpt, we empower our customers to automate their model optimization processes to drive faster and better solutions to real-world business problems. One piece of this puzzle is the web dashboard that standardizes the experimentation process and makes viewing optimization results more seamless and accessible for every team and every team member. We constantly evolve every aspect of these capabilities in response to the changing needs of our customer community.

Today, we are excited to announce SigOpt Organizations, the next step in the evolution of our web dashboard. As the latest improvement to our web dashboard, Organizations is designed to help larger customers with multiple modeling teams control user access and roll up cross-team usage insights. The result is a more seamless experience for every user, whether it be the chief innovation officer, head of data science, or data scientist.

‍The Organization Admin dashboard allows Organization Owners to better understand usage at the user, team, and organization levels (the image above only displays a portion of the actual page).‍

Included Features:

  • Multi-team organizations – Customers on an Enterprise plan can now work with their account manager to convert their team to a multi-team organization
  • More fine-grained access control – Organization owners and team admins can manage access controls at both the organization and team levels
  • Usage monitoring – Organization owners now have access to an Organization Dashboard that allows them to monitor usage across all teams and users
  • Site navigation – All users will see changes in site navigation, and users on multiple teams will now be able to easily switch between team workspaces

All SigOpt users (including accounts on the Starter Plan) will see slight user interface changes (API tokens are now found under the “API Tokens” tab and profile information has moved to the new dropdown), but SigOpt Organizations is exclusively available for customers on an Enterprise Plan.

If you are an organization interested in using this feature or have feedback on this feature, please contact your account manager.

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Ben Hsu
Ben Hsu Product Manager