At SigOpt, We’re Stronger as a Team

Alexandra Johnson
All Model Types, SigOpt 101

Whenever I ask my coworkers to team trivia they will each say, “I’m horrible at trivia!”. However, once the questions start, everyone is working together to figure out that basketball stat from the 90s, brainstorming names to a recent Ariana Grande benefit concert, or sharing decoded phrases from an anagram. Individually, we’d only know a few questions, but as a team, we can win trivia for the night!

We work together to provide the best optimization service in the world. The research team develops algorithms using our custom evaluation framework. The platform team ensures the service delivers peak performance by carefully monitoring our infrastructure and API performance. Our interns develop product showcases such as our in-browser demo and our blog post on reinforcement learning. The sales team performs analysis with dashboards launched from a recent hackathon. Our office manager holds us all together, organizing logistics for everything. We collaborate and build on each other’s work to create the best product, the best platform, and the best experience for our users.

Our evaluation framework has become a paperblog post, and open source test suite. We share our contributions at ICMLNIPS, and MLConf. We find learning exciting. Symposiameetups, and workshops organized by SigOpt employees help others share their ideas in the machine learning and optimization space. We share books on public speaking, take classes from deep learning to finance, and attend conferences like Grace Hopper and YC’s Female Founder’s Conference. We end these experiences recharged and ready to put to use and share what we’ve learned.

Recently we’ve started an internal book club, and our latest read was The Lady Tasting Tea: a light introduction to statistics through the life and times of statisticians. Last month, our book club grabbed tea and discussed the mathematical ideas from the book. Book club or no, there’s always someone around the office willing to spend hours explaining any term or concept.

No one person is going to have all of the answers, so we’re focused on making ourselves stronger as a team. We hire people who are great and invest in growing each and every SigOpt employee to make a strong organization. If you’re interested in joining our team on our mission to build the world’s best optimization service, visit this page or email [email protected].

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Alexandra Johnson Software Engineer

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