Introducing Projects

Nicki Vance, Taylor Jackle Spriggs, and Ben Hsu

We are pleased to announce the addition of Projects, a feature that allows you and your team to organize experiments for easier access, viewing, and sharing.

SigOpt began with a focus on experiments, the process of finding an optimal solution to your problem. Our customers have taken this a step further, using many experiments to explore which architectures are best suited for a problem space or to experiment with different metrics and datasets. We built projects to allow you to organize your experimentation on SigOpt in a way that more closely resembles your modeling workflow.

Easily Access Current Projects

In addition to being able to see all your experiments in one view on the web dashboard, you now have quick links to your current projects.

In addition, you can view both your own and your team’s projects.

A View of Your Project

The project page allows you to compare progress and best metrics and see who’s working on what.

Collaboration with Colleagues

Everyone on your team can add experiments to a project. Like experiments, a project has its own URL so you can share with colleagues or skip straight to your project.

Integrate with your Workflow

A project can be created on the web or through our API. Once you have a project, you can include the project ID in your code to create an experiment, automatically adding future experiments to the same project.

Please see the documentation for more details on how to use this feature

We are excited that this new feature sets the stage for better experiment tracking and more insight into your workflow. If you have comments or questions, please reach out to our customer success team.

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Nicki Vance Software Engineer
Taylor Jackle Spriggs Software Engineer
Ben Hsu
Ben Hsu Product Manager

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