SigOpt at NeurIPS 2018

Michael McCourt, Harvey Cheng, Patrick Hayes, and Nick Payton
Advanced Optimization Techniques, All Model Types

The NeurIPS conference is held in Montreal this year, where leaders in the community will present innovative research over the course of tutorials, main conference proceedings and workshops.

We are proud to be a sponsor of the conference and an ongoing contributor to the research that makes this conference special. Below is a full list of activities that we are hosting or participating in. Please join us for any of them throughout the week. If you can’t make the events, look us up on Whova app and we are happy to find time to meet. 


NeurIPS Expo

We are sponsoring a business Expo on Sunday, December 2nd. We will be available to answer any questions at a table at the event all day, and will be hosting a demonstration in the afternoon, How performing Orchestration and Optimization Together Leads to Better Outcomes (Sunday, 2pm – 6:30pm, Room 510 ABCD #7).

Women in Machine Learning (WiML) Workshop

Monday, December 3rd, 8am – 7:30pm

Workshop Papers from the SigOpt Research Team

A Nonstationary Designer Space-Time Kernel  [pdf][blog]
Michael McCourt, Gregory Fasshauer, David Kozak
Modeling and Decision-Making in the Spatiotemporal Domain Workshop
Friday, Dec 7th 8:00 AM — 06:30 PM @ Room 513ABC

Bayesian Optimization of High Transparency, Low Haze, and High Oil Contact Angle Rigid and Flexible Optoelectronic Substrates  [blog]
Sajad Haghanifar, Sooraj Sharma, Luke M. Tomasovic, Paul. W. Leu, Bolong (Harvey) Cheng
Machine Learning for Molecules and Materials Workshop
Sat Dec 8th 8:30 AM — 06:30 PM @ Room 519

Conference Papers from SigOpt Intern Alumni

We are proud of our research interns for pursuing their graduate studies and pushing the envelope in their respective academic research. This year, two of our research intern alumni (Gustavo Malkomes and Mislav Balunović) are also presenting at the conference; we would like to highlight their respective works below and congratulate them on their achievements. Be sure to check out their talks, posters, blogs, and papers.

Automating Bayesian Optimization with Bayesian Optimization  [pdf][blog]
Gustavo Malkomes*, Roman Garnett
Poster: Thu Dec 6th 10:45 AM — 12:45 PM @ Room 210 & 230 AB #68

Learning to Solve SMT Formulas  [pdf]
Mislav Balunović*, Pavol Bielik, Martin Vechev
Oral: Tue Dec 4th 04:25 — 04:40 PM @ Room 517 CD
Poster: Tue Dec 4th 05:00 — 07:00 PM @ Room 210 & 230 AB #105

Efficient Nonmyopic Batch Active Search  [pdf][blog]
Shali Jiang, Gustavo Malkomes*, Matthew Abbott, Benjamin Moseley, Roman Garnett
Spotlight: Thu Dec 6th 03:35 — 03:40 PM @ Room 220 CD
Poster: Thu Dec 6th 05:00 — 07:00 PM @ Room 210 & 230 AB #131


Workshop: Modeling and Decision Making in the Spatiotemporal Domain

Paper: A Nonstationary Designer Space-Time Kernel

Workshop: Machine Learning for Molecules and Materials

Paper: Bayesian Optimization of High Transparency, Low Haze, and High Oil Contact Angle Rigid and Flexible Optoelectronic Substrates

Visit our demonstration at the Expo

How orchestration and optimization lead to better outcomes (#7)

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Michael McCourt Research Engineer
Harvey Cheng Research Engineer
Patrick Hayes
Patrick Hayes Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Nick Payton
Nick Payton Head of Marketing & Partnerships

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