SigOpt Partners with AI Leaders to Empower their Experts

Scott Clark
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SigOpt’s mission is to accelerate and amplify the impact of modelers everywhere. To fulfill this mission, SigOpt has developed the most advanced experimentation and optimization solution to boost modeling outcomes across any industry or research area. SigOpt’s product leadership in this space is why leading AI enterprises across seven distinct industries, universities around the world, and the US Intelligence Community rely on SigOpt.

As more organizations become model-driven, the need to standardize and scale experimentation across combinations of models, frameworks, infrastructures and applications continues to grow. Building on the success of their initial partnership, SigOpt is partnering with In-Q-Tel (IQT) again to drive innovation that addresses this growing need within the US Intelligence Community.

“SigOpt offers an advanced and scalable solution capable of impacting the performance of any type of AI model,” says George Hoyem, Managing Partner at IQT. “Whether working on simulations, reinforcement learning, deep neural networks, machine learning or anything in between, researchers can use SigOpt to track, analyze, and tune their models. We are excited to partner with them again to further accelerate use of their solution within the Intelligence Community.”

IQT is a non-profit, strategic investor that helps accelerate the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies to U.S. government agencies that keep our nation safe. Established in 1999, IQT has the goal of identifying and partnering with startups that are developing innovative technologies that can better protect and preserve the United States’ security.

Through this second strategic partnership, SigOpt will develop features that further extend its leadership as the most advanced experimentation and optimization solution. These product improvements will be available through cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments.

“SigOpt is proud to work with AI leaders across a wide variety of industries and use cases to amplify and accelerate the impact of experimentation and optimization on their most valuable models,” says SigOpt CEO and Co-Founder Scott Clark. “We design our solutions to be modular, scalable, and secure to meet the needs of any modeling workflow. This creates alignment with IQT and other security conscious organizations as we continue to expand our work with the government.”

IQT and SigOpt first partnered in 2018 to provide access to government researchers and drive new product innovation. This second partnership extends and expands this relationship. Building on the success of this partnership, SigOpt plans to further invest in direct government software contracts to further increase government access to these cutting-edge experimentation and optimization solutions.

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Scott Clark, Ph. D.
Scott Clark Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer