SigOpt Working with AWS to Provide PrivateLink Support for Customers on AWS

Scott Clark
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the de facto solution for companies running on the cloud and is the first place customers turn to deploy new tools when building and scaling their technology.

Last month, we announced the availability of SigOpt on the AWS Marketplace, which allows data scientists and researchers to deploy SigOpt on AWS with the click of a button. Today, we’re doubling down on our collaboration with AWS through a new feature called AWS PrivateLink.

AWS PrivateLink is a new solution that will enable SigOpt to connect directly with any AWS customer that has an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Amazon VPC is a private cloud-based network organizations can leverage to provision an isolated section of the AWS cloud to launch AWS resources.

Our work with AWS PrivateLink means customers can now use SigOpt from a custom, secure endpoint within their Amazon VPC. This allows SigOpt to function like an on-premises solution while maintaining all of the benefits that make our SaaS solution so great (like the ability to scale, deploy new features, and offer flexible support). The ability to deploy directly within Amazon VPCs also adds another level of security to our solution. SigOpt has always been a black-box optimization platform, but AWS PrivateLink allows for customers’ machine learning parameters to travel directly from their Amazon VPC to SigOpt’s VPC. This means those parameters never have to go over the open internet.

We’re committed to providing researchers and data scientists access to SigOpt’s black-box Bayesian Optimization solution securely and in their preferred network. This partnership with AWS PrivateLink helps us do just that.

We’re looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with AWS and getting our trusted solution into the hands of more cloud users!

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Scott Clark, Ph. D.
Scott Clark Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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