SigOpt for Manufacturing and Process Engineering

An optimization solution to accelerate new product development and reduce trial and error in R&D.

Guided experiment design

SigOpt outperforms traditional Design of Experiments (DoE) techniques such as full factorial and response surface, adaptively suggesting experimental configurations so you can find the best version of your product with dramatically fewer trials, up to 100x faster in some cases.

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The latest research

SigOpt uses an ensemble of state-of-the-art Bayesian optimization techniques to suggest optimal experimental parameters, both sequentially and in parallel.

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Make your products better

Take products you've already built and increase their revenue, accuracy, and more using SigOpt's API or web interface.

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George Bonaci of Advent Lab Group Northwest was trying to make the world's best shaving cream. George could vary six parameters every time he wanted to try out a new shaving cream (chemical concentration, mixing time, etc). The goal was to find the best set of parameters that would result in the most stable shaving cream at the lowest price. SigOpt helped him find a winning configuration quickly, saving both time and money.

“SigOpt's optimization has saved us hundreds of man hours in experimentation time while allowing us to find parameters that save us thousands of dollars a month by optimizing just a single product. The low number of necessary experiments that needed to be conducted before coming to a cost saving solution was incredible and would not have been feasible without SigOpt's suggestions. I can’t wait to use them to optimize more of my products!” - George Bonaci, Advent Lab Group Northwest

Manufacturing and Process Engineering Examples

SigOpt finds the best versions of your products.

Use SigOpt to know the best experiments to run next.