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About SigOpt

Our mission is to empower experts

SigOpt was born out of the desire to make experts more efficient. While co-founder Scott Clark was completing his PhD at Cornell he noticed that often the final stage 
of research was a domain expert tweaking what they had built via trial and error. 
After completing his PhD, Scott developed MOE to solve this problem, and used it 
to optimize machine learning models and A/B tests at Yelp. SigOpt was founded in 2014 to bring this technology to every expert in every field.


We are committed to our values

  • Empowerment: Take ownership and make bold decisions
  • Solidarity: Transparently collaborate toward shared goals
  • Respect: Foster an inclusive, professional and safe environment for everyone
  • Balance: Know when to work, when to play and when to go home
  • Curiosity: Be a humble teacher and active student
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