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The Definitive Guide to Machine Learning Platforms

SigOpt is proud to sponsor the Definitive Guide for Machine Learning Platforms from This Week in Machine Learning & Al (TWiML).

Learn how AI leaders build the best models


The creators of This Week in Machine Learning (TWIML) interviewed dozens of Al leaders across a wide variety of industries to learn how they are scaling machine learning in their enterprises. In short, they found that these companies invested in Machine Learning Platforms, a variety of software capabilities that bolstered their in-house data-science experts. In this eBook, TWIML builds on case studies from Facebook, Linkedln, and Airbnb to summarize the critical capabilities of these Platforms and the impact they can have on any modeling team. The result is the playbook that any enterprise can adopt to accelerate and amplify their modeling efforts.

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Alongside this eBook, SigOpt is teaming up with TWIML to create a variety of opportunities for you to engage directly with this community.

ML Platforms Podcast

Become a regular listener of the TWIML podcast and hear your peers share their experience building Al platforms to scale their modeling efforts

ML Platforms Webinar

Join SigOpt CEO Scott Clark for lessons from Al leaders regarding the capabilities they build into their ML platforms.

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