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Optimize your trading strategies 100x faster than standard methods, while keeping your IP safe.

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Find Higher Alpha

Don’t let model tuning get in the way of finding the highest alpha. SigOpt automates the repetitive and expensive tuning step for every new model, so you can focus on finding market insight, leveraging unique data, and creating trading strategies.

Get to Market Faster

When a quant has a new signal or insight to incorporate into their model, that model’s training parameters must be re-tuned to achieve the best possible performance, often by hand. SigOpt’s automatic tuning API can reduce time to market from days or weeks to hours, beating traditional approaches like grid search by up to 100x.

The Leading Edge

SigOpt provides an ensemble of the state of the art in Bayesian optimization, served via a simple API. Never miss an opportunity to be at the leading edge.

Bayesian Optimization methods may be the wave of the future. Nothing like arriving at your answers faster, whether positive or negative—innovate even faster when discovering positive results, or just fail fast and move on more rapidly with your research!

Justin Lent, Director, Hedge Fund Development, Quantopian

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