Amplify your Modeling in Fraud, Risk, and Analytics

Machine learning is driving a revolution in risk, fraud, and actuarial modeling. With SigOpt, data scientists can optimally tune the parameters of all their models, from fraud prediction to propensity scoring.

Your Tools, Your Data

SigOpt can tune any predictive or machine learning model right in place, and the federated API design ensures no proprietary data leaves your premises, allowing your modelling workflow to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Get to Production Faster

SigOpt can reduce the number of model tuning iterations needed by up to 100x, saving thousands of hours of compute time and cost. The faster you can iterate on your models, the better they become.

The Leading Edge

SigOpt provides an ensemble of the state of the art in Bayesian optimization, served via a simple API. Never miss an opportunity to be at the leading edge.

SigOpt helps us optimize the financial models in our funds management platform. The API is convenient and easy to set up. SigOpt gets us better results, optimizing 15 times faster than before. Now, we’re happy to focus on other matters, because SigOpt saves us so much time.

Max Logunov, PhD, Developer, Optimus Socially Responsible Investments LTD

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