An entirely new way to optimize your products and process

Create new products 100x faster than traditional Design of Experiments using Bayesian optimization for product formulation, optimization, and production.

Better Products, Faster

Product formulas and manufacturing processes have numerous tunable parameters. SigOpt adaptively suggests parameter configurations so you can find better versions of your product with dramatically fewer trials, up to 100x faster in some cases.

Accelerated Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other simulations contain numerous input parameters are often tweaked manually or exhaustively. SigOpt replaces cumbersome trial and error with a simple, sequential API and web interface to find optimal results in far fewer simulation runs than traditional design of experiments.

A Better Way to Optimize

SigOpt uses an ensemble of the state of the art in Bayesian optimization, served via a simple API. SigOpt outperforms traditional Design of Experiments (DoE) techniques such as full factorial and response surface experiment design when the goal is to optimize a product or process.

SigOpt lets our users efficiently tune their simulations, getting better results faster than traditional methods, allowing them to leverage Rescale for even more complex models while saving both time and money.

Adam McKenzie, Rescale

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