The Most Advanced Optimization Solution

Our optimization amplifies model performance and accelerates model development.

Empower Your Experts

SigOpt was founded to empower the world’s experts by building software solutions that accelerate and amplify the impact of their machine learning, deep learning, and simulation models.

Our end-to-end optimization solution combines a cutting-edge optimization engine with an enterprise-grade platform and visual web dashboard for experiment insights.

Our solution enables teams to reduce data scientist time wasted on tuning, increase the frequency with which models are tuned, increase throughput to production, and scale across any variety, volume, or complexity of models in development without accessing your models or data.


How It Works

SigOpt’s optimization solution can be seamlessly integrated into any model, framework, or platform while keeping your data, model, and infrastructure secure.

1. Install the Client Library
2. Create the Experiment
3. Parameterize your Model
4. Run the Optimization Loop
Face Detection CNN Experiment

Optimization Engine

At the core of our solution is a global and Bayesian optimization engine that blends an ensemble of custom-built optimization techniques with advanced features to effectively solve any problem.

  • Cutting-Edge Research
  • Numerous Advanced Features
  • Evaluated against Benchmarks

Enterprise Platform

Integrating your model with our API is seamless via various client libraries or our a REST interface, and the solution scales anywhere from tens to thousands of concurrent optimization experiments.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Data, Model, Infrastructure Agnostic
  • Scalable Infrastructure
Experiment Insights

Experiment Insights

Track all your experiment metadata and use powerful visualizations to analyze your results with our experiment insights dashboard.

  • Track All Experiment Metadata
  • Advanced Analysis Tools
  • Support for Large Teams and Organizations

Performant for Different Model Types

Customers have used our optimization solution to achieve success across many types of models, from deep neural networks to trading strategies to manufacturing processes.


Deep Learning

Long training times coupled with numerous hyper, feature, and architecture parameters means having the right optimizer could be the difference between success and failure.


Machine Learning

SigOpt standardizes the optimization process for traditional machine learning methods from gradient boosting and SVMs to ensembles, ensuring you obtain the best performance for any model.


Backtest & Simulations

SigOpt is black-box, meaning your model and data stays secure, making it great for optimizing trading strategies and simulations.


Your Model Not Listed?

Optimization problems are found everywhere and come in different shapes and sizes. Not sure if SigOpt will work for you? Reach out and let us help you.