Enterprise Platform

A Modular, Compliant, and Scalable Enterprise-Grade Platform

Practitioners access our enterprise-grade optimization solution through a simple and scalable cloud API, either via our numerous client libraries or simple REST interface. The black-box user interaction model means integration is seamless, and that SigOpt works with any model, trading strategy, physical process, or optimization problem.

An Easy-to-Use Interface

SigOpt’s optimization solution can be seamlessly integrated into any model, framework, or platform via our numerous client libraries (Python, Java, R, and Matlab) or REST API.

1. Install the Client Library
2. Create the Experiment
3. Parameterize Your Model
4. Run the Optimization Loop

Data, Model, and Infrastructure Agnostic

SigOpt works with any data, model, or infrastructure, for security, privacy, and ease of use.



SigOpt never touches or sees your data, enabling you to retain ownership and control over your most valuable resource.



SigOpt seamlessly bolts on top of your model via our numerous client libraries or REST API.



Model training and evaluation occurs on customers’ own infrastructure.

Integrates with any ML Library

Internal machine learning platforms are crucial for data science team productivity, but hyperparameter tuning is an important component of that solution that requires significant investment and resources to build and scale on your own. Our optimization solution easily integrates into any ML platform, and our cloud API supports organizations of all sizes, from small startups running ten optimization experiments per month, to Fortune 500 organizations and sophisticated quantitative trading firms that are running over hundreds of concurrent experiments.

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