Experiment Insights

Reproduce and Analyze Your Experiments with the Experiment Insights Dashboard

Monitor, track, and analyze every single optimization experiment with the Experiment Insights dashboard. Reproducing experiments and results is one of the greatest challenges for the best modeling teams, and the Experiment Insights dashboard provides a visual interface for experimentation.

Track Every Experiment

Once SigOpt has been integrated into your model, each experiment and every trained model’s set of hyperparameters is recorded and viewable from the Experiment Insights dashboard. Never again will you need to search through local config files to find that set of hyperparameters which performed well.

Experiment Insights
Experiment Insights

Powerful experiment analysis

While the best-in-class optimization engine works on discovering the best-performing model, various visualizations and graphs help practitioners derive insights from the experiment.

  • 3-D visualizations enable introspection of the model’s search space
  • Parameter importance graphs provide a sensitivity information of the response surface on a per-parameter basis

Teams and Organizations

SigOpt works for both small startups with a few data scientists as well as large organizations with hundreds of modelers organized in multiple teams. SigOpt supports teams and organizations by allowing practitioners to view teammates’ experiments and by providing enterprise-grade access control, team management, and usage monitoring features for data science managers and executives.

Experiment Insights