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Our customers developing deep learning models, trading strategies, oil simulations and physical processes all have something in common: a desire for optimal outcomes or results. Here at SigOpt, we understand that this drive for excellence demands excellence on our part, and we have invested heavily in our research team to meet that challenge.

The SigOpt research team actively participates in the academic community to understand state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques and implement them robustly. This empowers modelers using our enterprise platform to focus their energy on leveraging their domain expertise by entrusting that we have made the obscurities of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and other optimization research our domain expertise.


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Learn more about SigOpt for Academia

SigOpt is committed to advancing and enabling academic research by supporting academics, researchers, and non-profits through our academic program. This program gives eligible teams complimentary access to our optimization solution, which is currently being used by numerous leading institutions around the world.

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A World-Class Research Team

Our research team combines expertise in applied mathematics, machine learning, and operations research to solve some of the most difficult optimization problems. Whether it be for a job, internship, or collaboration, we would love to meet you!



We’re amassing all the right talent – with experience ranging from industry-leading optimal learning techniques to advanced predeictive models, help us build the optimization framework of the future.


We regularly host research interns around the globe, who are able to significantly contribute during their internship. Apply today!