SigOpt for Academia

SigOpt is committed to supporting researchers who are publishing peer-reviewed techniques and results.

Complimentary Platform Access for Researchers

SigOpt was founded to empower the world’s experts. We are committed to advancing and enabling academic research by supporting academics, researchers, and qualified non-profits through our academic program. SigOpt was founded in part because our CEO needed to manually solve difficult optimization problems as a Ph.D. student, and thought that there needed to be a better solution.

Our academic program gives eligible researchers complimentary access to our optimization solution so they can focus on discovering new methods and techniques and not worry about parameter optimization. Numerous peer-reviewed papers using SigOpt as part of this program have already been published, in areas ranging from drug discovery to water pump operations.



Give your entire university research group access to our product.



Accelerating research for non-profits working on social good.


National Labs

Enabling researchers at national laboratories to solve any optimization problem.

Apply for the Academic Program

You may be eligible for complimentary access to SigOpt through the academic program if you are engaged in publishing research. The academic program provides access to the SigOpt Optimization Solution and enables qualifying researchers to focus on their domain of research.

  • Plan limits comparable to our first-tier Enterprise plan
  • 50 experiments per month
  • Up to 15 parameters and 500 observations
  • Teams of up to 3 users
  • All general availability advanced features
  • Access to the experiment insights dashboard
SigOpt Academic Partners

Researchers Everywhere Love Using SigOpt

SigOpt has been utilized to automate parameter optimization and supercharge research in a wide range of research areas, from machine learning to molecular biology. Check out the publications that SigOpt has been cited in below.

Global optimization in machine learning: the design of a predictive analytics application
Convolutional Neural Network Based Human Identification Using Outer Ear Images
Tutorials in Optimization Research: Bayesian Optimization
Integration of in vitro and in silico Models Using Bayesian Optimization With an Application to Stochastic Modeling of Mesenchymal 3D Cell Migration