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Unlock new trading strategies with advanced optimization techniques.

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Quantitative leaders like Two Sigma have standardized on SigOpt’s solution to optimize their modeling pipelines as part of their core modeling platform. This scalable approach to hyperparameter optimization empowers them to accelerate their model development process and amplify the impact of their models in production.

Learn how Two Sigma leverages SigOpt in their modeling processes

Optimize Any Model at Scale

SigOpt’s optimization solution tunes any model, whether it is machine learning, deep learning, or a simulation, and regardless of the infrastructure, framework or programing language that is used to build it. This empowers algorithmic trading firms to standardize on this optimization solution for models that drive trading strategy, trading execution, backtests or other quantitative solutions.

  • Any Model: Efficiently tune any model with an easy-to-use API-enabled black-box optimization solution to maximize model performance
  • Infrastructure Agnostic: This process is entirely agnostic to the underlying data, model, infrastructure or client library that is used – it supports single-cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid-infrastructure or on-premise deployments
  • Empower Experts: Automate model tuning so your researchers can leverage their expertise to uncover new trading strategies and rapidly prototype the models that support them

Scale with a Secure Enterprise Solution

SigOpt’s black-box optimization solution tunes any model without accessing the underlying data or model, keeping your proprietary information safe, secure and private. It is also built to enable asynchronous parallelization across a distributed compute environment to ensure that optimization scales with your enterprise modeling needs.

  • Black-Box Optimization: Black-box optimization never touches the underlying data or models when tuning them, thereby keeping your proprietary information secure, safe and private
  • Enterprise-Grade: Whether the easy-to-use API to implement this optimization process or the asynchronous parallelization that this solution enables, SigOpt is built to scale with the needs of any trading firm
  • Organizational Control: SigOpt enables permissions so that teams can collaborate or be kept separate in their modeling workflows while utilizing the same instance of the solution

Improve Model Performance

Optimize models better, cheaper and faster than alternative methods in the market to accelerate and amplify the impact of modeling on your trading strategies. Automated model optimization is a critical step to a greater volume of high-performing models in production – and the increased return on investment that this process delivers.

  • Efficient Utilization of Resources: When combined with leading hardware, SigOpt increases computational efficiency by 90% to ensure that clusters can be put to work training more models in parallel
  • Better Performance: SigOpt includes advanced features like multimetric optimization that are designed to empower trading teams to solve entirely new problems – and uncover new alpha in the process
  • Faster Time to Market: The combination of Bayesian and other global optimization algorithms efficiently explore and exploit any hyperparameter space to tune any model 10x faster than alternative methods