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Build leading AI for AI solutions using SigOpt’s enterprise-grade optimization solution that scales with your team’s needs.

Improve Expert Productivity

SigOpt automates model optimization so your experts are free to spend time instead on the tasks in the machine learning process that benefit directly from their expertise. Rather than wasting time on hyperparameters, your experts will focus on connecting objective metrics to business outcomes.

  • Any Use Case, One Optimizer: SigOpt provides API-enabled optimization for any model being used to address any use case, whether it is related to fraud, risk, lending or other financial use cases
  • Reproducible Experimentation: Capture actionable insights on every hyperparameter configuration for each training cycle to analyze and reproduce any model
  • Organizational Control: Assign and manage permissions within a single instance of SigOpt to facilitate collaboration and ensure privacy for every experiment across the full data science team

Implement in any Modeling Platform

SigOpt is a modular optimization solution that is easily implemented within any model lifecycle management platform hosted on any infrastructure and utilizing any model libraries. It is the most flexible best-in-class optimization solution.

  • Modular Implementation: Integrate SigOpt’s API-enabled solution directly into any modeling platform or utilize it as a standalone implementation for any given individual or team modeling process
  • Infrastructure Agnostic: This process is entirely agnostic to the underlying data, model, infrastructure or client library that is used – it supports single-cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid-infrastructure or on-premise deployments
  • Enterprise Scalability: SigOpt’s API-enabled solution is designed to reliably scale with the modeling needs of any organization as they evolve from a single practitioner to multiple teams across a variety of organizations

Accelerate and Amplify Modeling Impact

Providers of leading AI solutions rely on SigOpt to automate model optimization. And by introducing optimization into their modeling process earlier and more frequently, these teams develop more high-performing models that make it into production.

  • Improved Outcomes: Alongside improving the performance of your models, SigOpt automates a critical task in the modeling process so your experts spend more time connecting modeling metrics to business outcomes
  • Faster Model Development: SigOpt’s combination of Bayesian and other global algorithms is designed to tune any model 10x faster than traditional grid and random search methods
  • Efficient Modeling Process: By empowering experts, increasing the parallelization of model training and accelerating the model optimization process, SigOpt significantly improves the efficiency with which models are developed by leading teams