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Government & Intelligence

Supercharge the research that powers government and intelligence services with an optimization solution that keeps your data private, secure and safe

Automate Model Optimization

SigOpt is designed to efficiently optimize the hyperparameters for any model, regardless of whether it is machine learning, deep learning, simulations or any other model type. Standardize on SigOpt to tune any model.

  • Any Model: SigOpt provides an optimization for any model regardless of the model type – including simulations with up to 100 hyperparameters
  • Reproducible Experimentation: Capture actionable insights on every hyperparameter configuration for each training cycle to analyze and reproduce any model
  • Leading Performance: Bayesian and other global algorithms that tune even the most challenging models that lack closed-form optimization solutions

Ensure Data Privacy, Security and Safety

SigOpt’s black-box optimization solution is designed to optimize any model without accessing the underlying data or models. This process keeps your data private, secure and safe, and ensures compliance with your regulatory needs.

  • Black-Box Optimization: Black-box optimization never touches the underlying data or models when tuning them, thereby keeping your proprietary information secure, safe and private
  • Infrastructure Agnostic: Implement SigOpt in single-cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid-infrastructure or on-premise deployments
  • Experiment Insights: Uncover insights on parameter importance and other analytics that provide insight on the driver of performance gains

Empower Experts

Built by experts for experts, SigOpt’s Optimization Engine is the most advanced available optimization solution. Our research team has integrated advanced optimization features into this engine to unlock additional value for our customers.

  • Model Complexity: Optimize models with up to 100 parameters using over 10,000 observations run at 100x parallelism
  • Faster Time to Tune: SigOpt’s proprietary ensemble of Bayesian and other global optimization algorithms efficiently search any parameter space to driver better model performance in a fraction of the wall-clock time of other methods like grid search and random search
  • Advanced Optimization: Advanced algorithms such as Conditional Parameters, Multitask Optimization and Multimetric Optimization unlock entirely new modeling capabilities for SigOpt customers