Why Optimize?

Optimization is often the difference between models that do and do not make it into production. Earn a Return on your AI & ML Investments.

Earn a Return on Your AI & ML Investments

Hyperparameter optimization is often considered the “last mile” of model development before a model is put into production. SigOpt customers, however, use optimization much earlier in the process to develop and deploy high-performing models at a much greater rate.

Rapidly prototype model development
Use hyperparameter optimization to inform data preparation, feature engineering, model selection and architecture search to transform the model development process
ML Workflow Step 1
Improve and sustain model performance
Automate model tuning to maximize and sustain model performance
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Scale your models in production
Black-box optimization is designed to tune any model so you can rely on a single solution to scale with your model optimization needs
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Empower Your Experts, Don’t Replace Them

Your experts are your most valuable machine learning asset, yet many AutoML solutions seek to replace them. These tools often provide optimization, but it is only available as part of a product that automatically generates models or requires you to use a specific model management solution. Any of these solutions is useful for different types of modeling needs, but standalone hyperparameter optimization is the best fit for teams of researchers building differentiated models specific to a given enterprise. And when researchers are able to build and deploy these differentiated models, companies begin to maximize the impact of modeling on their business.

Augment Your Experts
Total Value of Optimization

The Value of Optimization Scales with Your Modeling

As teams apply optimization earlier and more frequently in the modeling process, they develop high-performing models at a faster pace. This virtuous cycle increases the number of models that make it into production, which amplifies the impact of these models on the business.

  • Accelerate AI Development: Develop high-performing, differentiated models at a faster rate to amplify the impact of these models on your business
  • Efficiently Scale: Maximize utilization of computing resources to scale the volume, variety and complexity of models in development and production
  • Improve Productivity: Automate repeatable tasks that do not benefit from domain expertise so your experts focus their effort where it will have the greatest impact