Why SigOpt?

SigOpt automates model optimization so your experts can focus on applying their domain expertise to your most pressing challenges.

Designed to meet your particular modeling needs

  • Earn a Return on AI & ML

The most advanced Optimization Engine that delivers better results, faster and cheaper, than all standard tuning methods

  • Tune Any Model 

Black-box optimization that efficiently optimizes any machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, simulation, or other model of your choosing

  • Retain Flexibility

Our API-enabled solution easily plugs into any model management platform or model development framework so you retain flexibility in your technology stack

Learn how Two Sigma leverages SigOpt in their modeling processes

Select the right optimization approach for you

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1-4 Parameters

5-10 Parameters

11-100 Parameters

Any Model Type

Ease of Use

Low Maintenance

Reliability at scale

Organizational control

Experiment analysis




Expert productivity

Compute utilization

Wall-clock efficiency

Variety of use cases

Competing objectives


Conditional parameters

Long training cycles

Learn More About Our Optimization Approach

Optimization is in our DNA. SigOpt was founded by the creator of the Metric Optimization Engine (MOE) and our research team has spent years building and refining our ensemble of applied optimization algorithms to scale with our enterprise customers’ needs. Built by experts for experts, we have a deep appreciation for the broader research community from which we draw inspiration and to which we regularly contribute.

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