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For Enterprise

This form is meant to give us a preliminary understanding of your modeling work, and how it impacts your business.

Our expectation is that some of these questions will be best answered by someone close to the business, and some by someone close to the modeling work.

  • How important is it to have the best version of a model?
  • How many models do you have in production today, and/or expect to have in production in 6 months?
  • How many people and/or teams in your org. are working on model development?
  • What kinds of models/libraries are your team(s) working with?
  • On what cadence do you generally develop new, or update existing, production models?
  • On what timescale does your data change?
  • How often do you optimize your models?
  • How do you currently optimize your models?
  • When evaluating new, or comparing new to old, models, how important is it to have a consistent baseline, and confidence in that baseline?
  • Which of these pains are you feeling due to your current optimization method?
  • What kind of evaluation infrastructure do you have?