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Machine Learning · AI · Simulation

With SigOpt’s API, data scientists and machine learning engineers can build better models with less trial and error.

SigOpt accelerates parameter tuning for Prudential Financial and leading quantitative hedge funds.

Intuitive Platform

Manufacturing · Process Engineering

SigOpt helps researchers optimize the parameters of their product and processes development to minimize trial and error.

SigOpt outperforms traditional Design of Experiments for companies like Johnson & Johnson and MillerCoors.

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Bayesian Optimization methods may be the wave of the future.Nothing like arriving at your answers faster, whether positive or negative—innovate even faster when discovering positive results, or just fail fast and move on more rapidly with your research!”
Justin Lent
Director, Hedge Fund Development

“… the most salient problems we tackle in business today require tuning parameters to find a desired outcome.”
Martin Casado
General Partner

“SigOpt’s promise is to optimize everything … cutting the need for manual (and costly) trial and error.”

“Whether being used to brew a beer or assess a risk model, SigOpt wants to make machine-learning models better.”

“SigOpt lets our users efficiently tune their simulations, getting better results faster than traditional methods, allowing them to leverage Rescale for even more complex models while saving both time and money.”
Adam McKenzie

“… the technology can look at your results and recommend what to test next.”

“SigOpt uses artificial intelligence to solve a common, but complicated, mathematical problem …”

“SigOpt helps us optimize the financial models in our funds management platform. The API is convenient and easy to set up. SigOpt gets us better results, optimizing 15 times faster than before. Now, we’re happy to focus on other matters, because SigOpt saves us so much time.”
Max Logunov, PhD
Developer, Optimus Socially Responsible Investments LTD

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